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Locating just near by Kyoto Imperial Palace

『HA』 means WAVE, 『FUU』 means WIND.
We sincerely wish, that you'll have a great time, and be comfortable when you are here.

Don't miss our fabulous WAGYU beef!!

The owner's home is a meat shop in Kyoto more than 100 years,even now.
That is why we can serve such amazing beef as a good value.

There are two HAFUU

We have two restaurants, just close to each other in a couple of minutes.
Same foods, same price.
Then, what is the different!? Nothing.
But you can choose either one with your feelings.
Hafuu Honten(the original) will be more in Japanese style and relaxed atmosphere.
Hafuu Shogoin(the annex) will be more in modern style and fashionable.


For All Customers

For all customers
We're open until the end of the year 31st of December (sun), gonna close on the 1st of January (mon), will open on the 2nd of January (tue) at the DINNER time.

Also, we're gonna have the short winter break on the 14th of January (sun) through 18th (thu).
Sorry for our inconvenience and thank you for your kindly understandings.

Smoking is not allowed in this restaurants

Sorry, smoking is not allowed in this restaurants.

Official web site has been renewed!!

Official web site has been renewed!!

Hafuu Original Google indoorview